Web Apps – A bit of history

Yesterday Mozilla officially announced Firefox OS together with numerous partners at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Central to Firefox OS are web apps - apps built using open web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. It makes me tremendously proud to see what the fantastic team at Mozilla, under the leadership of our VP Marketplace Rick Fant, has achieved in a incredibly short amount of time.

Mozilla’s work on web apps was started by a small team as part of Mozilla Labs – Mike Hanson, Lloyd Hilaiel, Dan Walkowski and I started working on the initial concepts and prototypes in early 2010. It’s fun to revisit our early thinking - check out the video in the announcement of our prototype on the Mozilla Blog. Or go back in time and check out the archive on this blog to see some of our thinking and work unfold.

To celebrate the occasion and show how far we have come I dug out two neat, little artifacts:

(1) An early scribble from me: Web App Scribble

(2) A schematic for the “Firefox Environment”: Firefox Environment