We just launched Web FWD

I am extremely proud and happy to announce the launch of my latest project: Mozilla’s Community-Driven Accelerator Program Web FWD. Here’s the release blog post: Today we’re launching Web FWD (Web Forward), the community-driven innovation accelerator from Mozilla Labs. Web FWD supports Open Web innovators by providing a space at Mozilla where they can build their products. We are creating a workshop environment where bold ideas can be realized and bare-bones prototypes can develop and go forward as products.


We’ll host small teams at Mozilla’s global offices for four weeks at a time, giving them access to our people, tools and resources, so they can focus on building. We’re looking for playful, useful, original problem-solving applications and tools that make the Web a better place. During the four week program, teams will work in-house alongside the Mozilla crew. You’ll receive mentorship and guidance from some of the brightest people around, allowing you to focus on bringing your product idea to life . At the end of four weeks, you’ll have a minimum viable product ready to go out on the Open Web. And together we can decide on how to take this product forward.


What we offer

  • The opportunity to work alongside the Mozilla crew in one of our offices
  • Access to key Mozilla personnel, introductions to interesting people and industry leaders
  • Regular mentorship sessions with experts on technology, scalability, security, marketing, community, and business strategy
  • Financial support during the program
  • Help with IT infrastructure (servers, software, etc.)
  • A great coworking experience with plenty of fun & awesomeness!

What we look for

  • The product fits into one of the predefined problem areas
  • The product is developed with the traits that are important for the open Web
  • The team has at least the kernel of a product (i.e. some working code, not only an idea)

The program runs on a rolling submission schedule with the first spots opening in August. Head over to the Mozilla Labs Web FWD site for more information and submit your application.