Being Interviewed at The Unreasonable Institute

This summer I had the great fortune and pleasure to stay and mentor at the incredible Unreasonable Institute in Boulder, Colorado. During my weeklong stay I met, talked to and mentored some of the most amazing entrepreneurs I have ever encountered - all of them on a mission to quite literally change the world for the better.

During my stay I had the opportunity to sit down with Daniel Epstein, one of the founders of the Institute, and talk in a series of video interviews about my past experience as an entrepreneur, investor and mentor to startups of all colors.

You can find the complete series of videos here.

Here’s a little teaser - the first part of the interview series on “Why do Startups Fail”:

Fun fact: It was so unbelievably hot in the room (Boulder had a heat wave when I was there and the room was full of lights, easily turning up the temperature in the room to 100F/40C) - see if you can see the sweat dripping of my face. ;)