To Pastures New

In April of last year I embarked on a journey to extend Mozilla’s reach into the wonderful world of startups and entrepreneurship. Together with our intern Didem Ersoz we created WebFWD, Mozilla’s accelerator program.

In the ensuing 18 months we built out the program, created a robust process, hired Diane Bisgeier as our Program Manager, recruited dozens of amazing mentors & subject matter experts and scouts from all around the world, ran more than 20 teams through WebFWD and finally brought Didem back as a full-time Program Manager.

Now it is time for me to move on.

I am extremely excited and stoked to take on a newly created role as Director, Office of the Chair at Mozilla. In this role I will work directly with Mitchell Baker, Mozilla’s Chairperson, focusing on expanding the scope of Mozilla into new constituencies and supporting Mitchell with her ongoing work of modernizing Mozilla project governance structures, raising Mozilla’s visibility globally, and generally governing the Mozilla project.

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