🥊 The Ultra-Fast Fashion Battle Royale

Unless you have any Gen Z / Alpha folks around you, you might be forgiven to not realize that the two fastest growing players in the fashion space are Chinese-based Shein and Temu. In a nutshell, they both pioneered and perfected fast fashion (a concept brought to live mainly by Spanish fashion company Zara/Inditex), exploit their supply chains and take advantage of loopholes in the US import tariff system to ship you insanely cheap stuff from China. And now the two giants are getting into a cage match over their respective business practices – mirroring the brewing battle between Elon Musk’s Twitter (or X, or whatever it will be called after Musk lost the looming copyright lawsuits over the name “X”) and Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta empire. I guess all these companies realize that there are some very real limits to growth – there is only so much money one can spend on stuff and only so many hours in a day one can aimlessly scroll through social media posts. Battle on!