Startup Focus (a recommended read)

Years ago, when Jane and I launched our consulting business elektronauten, we came across an Australia based business which was essentially taking a similar approach to building companies as we did: Pollenizer. I have no idea how we found them or how I ended up having coffee with one of their founders, Phil Morle, in one of London’s (at the time) hidden coffee shop gems.

But - and to make a long story short - we became friends. We had Phil’s co-founder Mick Liubinskas teach Mozilla Labs how to apply razor sharp focus and I even ended up writing a guest post for the Pollenizer blog.

Now the wonderful folks at Pollenizer have packaged their combined startup wisdom and highly optimized approach of building companies into a book: Startup Focus.

Startup Focus Cover

It’s a wonderful book and highly recommended not only for entrepreneurs and startup folks but anyone who wants to flex her or his “focus muscle”. A quick read it’s high on substance and low on fluff - even the book is focussed.

And as a bonus it is beautifully designed and printed on gorgeous paper - making the whole experience so much richer. It definitely earned its place in every startups library - and not only to show off, but to read, learn and apply.

Startup Focus Inside