🧑‍💻 Stack Overflow Moderators Go On Strike

Open source AI community Hugging Face released a visual summary of the “Can AI Code?” challenge – and the results look promising. Given software’s inherent logic and structure, it is a prime candidate for generative AI to do its magic. But every coin has two sides. Coding Q&A site Stack Overflow (which has become the de-facto standard for developers to look things up) recently issued a near-total prohibition on moderating AI-generated content – and the moderators are unhappy. Their main point – due to the fact that LLMs like GPT 4 have a tendency to “hallucinate” – is that the site is being flooded with inaccurate information. Take this as the harbinger of things to come – we will see more and more content being generated by generative AI and more and more content being simply inaccurate.