🧑‍💻 PSA: Harding macOS and Tuning your Airpods

In case you are a macOS user, here is how you lock down your computer and protect it from malicious use:

This guide is about security, not privacy. Additionally, security measures that heavily compromise usability were not included. This guide aims to produce above-average secure systems, without giving up features. Last updated for macOS Ventura (13.3).

Do this. Now. Your future self will thank me (and you) later.

Moving on to your Airpods. Did you know that you can fine-tune them to your specific hearing abilities using an audiogram? No? Me neither. Using the free Mimi app, I recently tuned my Airpod Pros and they sound incredible. Give it a try!

I’ve been using the new Pros since yesterday and was a bit disappointed by the lack of treble or clarity when I first heard them. Have used for years AKG K371 and ATH-M50X. After a bit of research I came across the function that you can use your personal audiogram. In 10min with the app “mimi Hearing Test” created and then set in the iOS settings. Now the sound is as I imagined it, it sounds as if a blanket was removed from the speakers. Unbelievable that the function is so unknown.