And so it begins...

I did some hacking and with considerably little amount I managed to create a proper tumblr template for this site - and so it begins: My journey away from Twitter and the all-too-short 140 characters and away from Wordpress (which is a great platform but always felt to big & complex to me) to tumblr. Bear with me while I figure this out - and be assured that my next posts will be a bit more substantial. :)


Dear Twitter - you start to bore me...

It’s most likely just me and the fact that I tend to babble on Twitter - but lately I find myself more and more scratching my head and wondering if the signal to noise ratio on Twitter really is that bad… Combined with the fact that Twitter seems purely about shouting and not about discussion (anymore) I figured that I try something different:  I’ll move most of my conversation to a tumblr (micro-) blog at blog.finette.co.uk – let’s see how that goes. :)


Social Media Marketing

Yeah - I know… But. There are still people who think you can “market to the social web” – point in case: Adam L. Penenberg’s book Viral Loop (no link to Amazon as I don’t endorse reading this book!) was recently market in Fast Company with the headline:

Go Viral. The users do all the marketing. You reap all the profits.

Yes. You get it Adam. Good luck reaping the profits from your book going viral.


Best sign ever.

Best sign ever.