No Bullshit Advice & Mentorship

imageI spent this week at the excellent Startup Week 2011 event in Vienna, Austria. I talked with numerous entrepreneurs, founders, hackers and builders. I received a lot of interesting questions, was asked for advice on a wide range of topics and found myself in the middle of many exciting discussions.

Now - Personally I don’t think that my advice is worth a lot. But here’s the deal: I was deeply impressed by some of the startups I met - startups and their founders who truly want to change the world. Who are passionate, driven and humble - the finest qualities you can find in an entrepreneur. And if they think I can be helpful for them, I want to help.

So - if you’re building something which is solving a real problem and making the world a better place (and I mean it - in this context I don’t care about the next social photosharing mobile app, even if it might be a very viable business idea) and want genuine no-bullshit advice, ping me (you know where to find me - don’t you?).

I promise honest, humble advice. I will tell you if I don’t know the answer and introduce you to people who might know. No bullshit.

And if this works - who knows? I know many amazing people, all of them much smarter than I am, who might be in for this as well. Let’s change the world for the better. Together.