Mozilla in Space

or: Talking about Lessons from Mozilla at NASA

Last week I was fortunate to have had the chance to talk about Mozilla and the way we do Open Innovation in a community centric environment at NASA’s Human Health and Performance Center in Houston, TX. My talk centered around seven insights we learned over the years, two problems which stem from the way we do things and ended with a couple of observations of topics which Mozilla Labs finds particularly interesting in 2011 and beyond.


(Please note that the slides and overall concept were originally developed and presented by John Lilly, Mozilla’s former CEO) imageWhile being in Houston the NASA folks gave me a tour of Mission Control and their training/mock-up facilities. Which brought up an interesting analogy - the way we run operations at Mozilla Labs is much more Soyuz than Space Shuttle - i.e. we have a solid base, make things up as we need to, generally fly by the seats of our pants and simply make it work (as opposed to a highly engineered and planned effort - aka the Space Shuttle). ;) P.S.: I will update this post with a video from my talk as soon as it becomes available.