Lucky or Smart?

Over the years I have had (and continue to have) the amazing opportunity to work on some incredible projects, meet and work with awesome individuals and be fortunate enough to change things here and there.

Am I lucky? You bet. But it’s more than just luck.

For starters: Luck is not something random but something you make. Luck stems from opportunities and you create opportunities by putting yourself out there. By meeting and helping people. By being genuine and authentic. Opportunities are serendipity at work.

And then you need to know when you’re lucky. And be smart enough to act upon it.

So - get out there, make rain, be a mensch and let the stream of serendipity lead you. And be smart enough to know when you’re lucky.

P.S. Bo Peabody wrote a wonderful book about this “Lucky or Smart”. Go read it. It’s a wonderful and short read.