iOS ain't the Web

Release early, release often…

You know the drill, right? Today you want to get your product into consumers’ hands as early as possible, learn & iterate quickly and push out updates on a regular cadence. Lean startup and all that…

This works great when you are developing on the Web - where I get to experience your latest and greatest iteration without me doing much. It doesn’t when you do client-side software. So please, please dear iPhone (and Android) developers - be a bit more deliberate with your updates. It annoys the hell out of me (and a bunch of other people) when you update your app every three days - because unlike on the Web I actually need to install your update. Which sucks, is annoying and a waste of my time.


I don’t even have that many apps installed on my iPhone - but finding an update to at least one of my apps on a daily basis just leads to update fatigue.