Generation Github

1,205,808... More than 1.2 million people are using Github today. A whole generation of developers & hackers all around the world are growing up with Github deeply embedded into their developer DNA. This is a whole generation of people for whom sharing code is the default (the vast majority of code repositories on Github are public - you have to pay for private repos). A whole generation which not only consumes Open Source software and code but decided that keeping code private is just not important anymore. This is the future. Learn, share and innovate in the open. It's all about execution, not your intellectual property. Now - go and check out what those 1.2 million hackers put into their more than 3.5 million code repositories. Learn from it. Share and give back. And let's create the third wave of Internet startups (after the first boom & bust in the late 90s and the current wave of social/web 2.0/whatever startups) which are built on top of the deeply ingrained ethos of Generation Github.

I can't wait!


Image Credits: Baracktocat by Cameron McEfee