Entrepreneurs/Students at Mozilla

Last year (jeez - is it really 2012 already?) I had the great fortune to host a bunch of entrepreneur/student groups from all over the world here at Mozilla.

I simply love interacting with entrepreneurs - especially when they are young and/or first time entrepreneurs. The energy is boundless, there is nothing holding them back and they have no fear. One thing which stood out for me was the fact that all these groups came from places outside of the US - essentially they came to the Valley to expose themselves to the culture, DNA and vibe which make Silicon Valley what it is. A truly unique place on earth.

Which brings me to my one advice for entrepreneurs (if you’re not in Silicon Valley anyway) - get the cheapest flight, the cheapest hotel and expose yourself to a couple of weeks of Valley craziness. It will change the way you see the world.

On that topic - The folks from Pioniergarage wrote up a nice summary of their trip to the Valley including a short video interview with yours truly. Enjoy!

And if you are part of a group of entrepreneurs coming to the Valley to visit - ping me and we’ll host you here at Mozilla and talk about some of my favorite topics such as “How you can win when you’re small”. :)