Change your Language

Human language is at least half a million years old, written communication somewhere in the range of 5,000+ years. And language is powerful: Whole empires were built and fell by the power of words.

And language is not only powerful in an outward facing fashion but probably even more so in your personal use of it.

Let me explain: We are all busy. Too busy. And often we find ourselves saying to our teams, friends, family and partners: “I don’t have time”. Now - turn that sentence around and be honest to yourself: You do have time, you just chose to spent it for something else. So you should really say: “It is not a priority for me”. See what that does?

Now try this: “I don’t exercise because my health is not a priority.” If this phrases don’t sit well, that’s the whole point. Changing your language reminds you that time is a choice. If you don’t like it, you can change it. It’s your choice.