💅 Brands and Influencers Go Virtual

What do luxury-good-empire LVMH, NIKE, and Epic Games have in common? They all collaborate to bring offline brands into virtual worlds. Epic Games has cornered the virtual world market with its blockbuster title Fortnite and the ever-growing Unreal Engine development tool ecosystem – and brands are eager to play. Meanwhile, virtual influencers such as Miquela, with her 2.8 million followers on Instagram, or Lu do Magalu, clocking in at 6.3 million Instagram fans, are competing for eyeballs and attention from real-world celebrities. Talking of which – real-world celebrities are rushing to create (and monetize) virtual clones of themselves. Up next? Consumers replacing their personal attention with AIs consuming and interacting with all the synthetic brand and celebrity content. “Have your AI talk to my AI.” will become the default.