Books for Entrepreneurs

In a recent discussion I was asked which books I would recommend for an entrepreneur to read. My (current) shortlist is in no particular order:

  • Guy Kawasaki's "The Art of the Start" - very practical advice for everything from building your product, marketing to fundraising. Pretty much a must-read.
  • 37 Signal's "Rework" - tons of good, practical information for the post-BS area. Like.
  • 37 Signal's "Getting Real" - For me the standard literature if you build a software/web-based product. And if not - still a great read.
  • Ash Maurya's "Running Lean" - the fine folks at Pollenizer pointed this book out to me. It's Lean Startups done right. And if Pollenizer tells you to read it, you better do. They know what they do.
  • Bo Peabody's "Lucky or Smart" - Bo knows.
  • Al Ries' & Jack Trout's "Positioning" - You know nothing about marketing if you haven't read Positioning.

Bonus reads:

  • Pretty much anything from Peter F. Drucker - It doesn't get any better than Drucker.
  • Steven Pressfield's "Do the Work" - Get stuff done. Now. Don't procrastinate. Overcome resistance. Do the Work!
  • For your monthly fix - read Inc. Magazine

Happy reading. :)